Monday, October 8, 2007



Yesterday I met a friend whom I have not seen for a while, he was not quite himself and I enquired. He had fistula.

He explained.

In lay-man term fistula is a boil that is embedded in the fleshy part of the buttock beneath the skin and does not erupt – the local called it ‘no-head boil’.

My friend told me that the pain is excruciating and the treatment is equally arduous - antibiotic does not work here. A small incision is made to bleed the pus and when the cavity is completely emptied of pus ( long process) another incision will be made to insert a sort of medicated gauze into the now empty cavity.

Here is where the treatment differs, my friend opted for the traditional method – I thought it was unwise but it is he who knows best; when the cavity is emptied of pus, a herbal formula is applied to induced rotting of the affected part and when it is sufficiently rotted, another herbal cream will be applied to destroy the bacteria.

The period for treatment, both the traditional and modern, will last for a period of between half to one and a half years.

The only prevention against fistula is to drink eight glasses of water and consuming lots of fibers whilst keeping your fingers crossed.

Thank you Mr. Lim for sharing and during times of pain and discomfort seek comfort in the knowledge that you may have helped many people. I salute you.

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