Saturday, October 25, 2008


Last night……while I was walking to the car park…I saw this dog all by itself …LOST.

I tried to coerce him to come home with me…but failed. I wished Sam was with me as she is very good with animals.

I brought out some biscuits and sweets ….left it near him before I drove off.


See the homeless boy >>>>

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Whisky's List.

Whisky (my maid) is in charge of the shopping list.

Below are as followed:

Sup muslom - Mushroom soup

Sup ciken - Chicken soup

Sup tometo - Tomato puree for spaghetti

Sup tandas - Toilet soap

Sup Sar - My soap – Dettol

Sup keluarga - Wife and daughters soap – Dove

Sup saya - Her soap – Popinjay

Sup gigi Sar - My toothpaste

*Loril saya 1nipis 1 biasa 1 malam - Whisky’s Lo’real 1 thin 1 normal 1 nightster.

Lice anjing - Dog’s rice

Minyak - cooking oil

**Bir 2 katoon - Royal Stout 2 carton (2 X 24cans)

*……Modernity corrupts sophisticatedly…before she arrived here she was using some kind of leaves…and now she wants the best.

** I have stopped buying Stout by the cartons since I discovered that Whisky has been helping herself to it….she was an ALCOHOLIC. I resort to buying 2 cans every night.

Whisky loves Chocolates and sweets...Sam bought her a big jar>>>

p/s….what’s left of the chocolates I bought (8 X 250gms.) last week……friends came yesterday and we served them with it….but STILL……:hmm: WHISKY !!!!!!!!!!


Friday, October 17, 2008

Chocolate Factory.

Chocolate Factory.

I took my family to the chocolate factory this afternoon to replenish our monthly chocolate supply that turned fortnightly eversince I stopped smoking about a month ago.

To compensate the withdrawal symptoms…I developed an urged for chocolates….and I have been having untold amount of the “brownish gold”.

My family is not complaining… because they too get to savor more of this “heavenly gold”….they help me with the shopping…..needless to say

…it burnt a big hole in my pocket.

While I was there…I met a very photogenic sweet lovely young lady ….who made a friendly gesture to greet me…honorably as one would when greeting a senior.

…*spot her in two scene ....( I made a mental note to ask Sam to get some chocolates for her)….forgot about her completely because I was too engrossed in trying out the Durian chocolate…REAL DURIAN encrusted in chocolate… die for, so to speak.

*anybody who knows this lovely lady…..let her know that I owe her some chocolates… and that I would refer her to the Talent Scout.

Tour de Chocolate >>>>

p/s…Whisky so helpfully stored the chocolates…without even being told..:hmm:

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sisterly love.

I have never seen a better demonstration of sisterly love than these visual recordings registered by me in a small village called Titi…a town that I frequented for businesses and pleasure.

The plaiting of hair done by the elder girl is just about the closest physical statement of affection akin to a chimpanzee searching for ticks and lice of its loved one.

A lot of positive messages manifest from these recordings…and I for once, let the pictures speak…for want of a better reason….words aren’t enough to fathom the humanitarian equations and mankind’s proclivity to reason.

Visit Sisterly love >>>>>>

I love children.