Thursday, July 31, 2008

Something happen...

The movie mode of the camera is my new toy….I am beginning to get accustomed to its function. This allows me to document a short documentary of the daily highlights (if any)…the things I see…the place I went…the people I meet….the things I eat … the cultural happenings and etc. but not necessarily in chronological order.

I was at one of my favorite place this afternoon and I always wanted to show the jetty that I love to stroll on right up to the end when something happen…..too embarrassing to tell but you might have guess right.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Inalienable Right.

Inalienable Right.

Being alone and to be left alone is guaranteed by the Art 8 and Art 9 of The Human Rights Act 1998.

The right to respect for private and family life (Art 8)

Freedom of thought, conscience and religion (Art 9)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Alone Alas!


..the song came in for a while when I realized the traffic was unusually light in a major highway famed for it’s congestion…and in the very hot afternoon ..I saw the perfect setting to register the phenomenon with the song sung by the BeeGees…Alone.. over the radio.

“I was alone…not of loneliness but of the emptiness deep inside …the feeling of nothingness ……..nothing to give or take….to share nor have I

…..the desire to react…or respond to the inherent sovereignty of intellectualism to make sense the surreal enveloping moment before me and yet in the unfolding page….deep from within the core of conscience awakens a realization of love and belonging that was me….and that I have so much to give live a life meaningfully and totally free of umbrage and immoral encumbrance in the name of kinship and friendship.”


Monday, July 28, 2008

Ashitaka boy.

I know it is unethical to do a video on Ashitaka at a time like this but the story needed to be told to a conclusion good or bad. I am very sorry Ashi Boy… me this story represent the registry of Ashitaka’s heroism, that would have otherwise fade without ever surfacing, which would have been an injustice for all the sacrifices made…all the mortal wounds sustained that underscore gallantry in it’s highest order.

ASHITAKA….you will never be forgotten…you are the smallest of the three.

Ashitaka was readmitted to the Vet……one of the wound opened up and it was horribly deep that the internal organ can be seen…such is the torment that the boy is going through…We have no idea whether Ashitaka will make it …the good doctor is doing all he can for Ashi and he was very touch by the incident.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Durian drive.

Durian drive.

Just a few days ago…..I forgot when….I took time off ( 5hrs.) from my very busy schedule to take Sam for a drive to the countryside to buy durian….Sam was very upset about the Ashitaka’s incident…I thought this might cheer her up.

The durian collection centre is located somewhere far off civilization near a very small village called Pertang. It is here that we can get the freshest from the wide variety of durians namely: D101, D24, Loong Har (Lobster), Mou Sang (Jungle cat king), Lou Lin Wong (Durian King), Chui Mau (Drunken cat)….to name a few.

Sam is a Durian connoisseur and she is an expert in the selection of choice durian….as for me…all durian looks the same and I don’t even know how to open it…I just know how to eat :hungry:

Sam bought 2 D101 for $20.00 about a quarter of the price when purchase in the city. We went for a slow drive….had our lunch and headed home.

*Note: The only gift that Sam got from her father (who went for an oversea trip to Neverland and never coming back)……was a Durian opener….:rofl:

Thursday, July 24, 2008



Got a call from the good doctor this morning …telling me that Ashi is very homesick and it is best that we take him home…..We went immediately.

How it all did started.

According to Whisky (my Maid), the bull dogs charged at Steady and Ashitaka went to confront them to protect Steady. Lucky came looking for me …Trusty went looking for Sam…while Steady stood there barking.

Not one of them helps Ashitaka.

The injuries.

Multiple fractures to the left hind leg….tore abdominal muscles…possible hair lines fractures on the ribs…the whole underbelly was bruised due to internal breeding of the muscular tissues……all the lower teeth broke and five deep holes all over.

Why was I never too kind to Ashitaka.

Ashi is the best watchdog and as such he was on guard duty right outside my room for the past seven years because I sleeps with the window wide open.

Over the years, I have confronted monitor lizards…snakes…civet cats…monkeys because of Ashi incessant barking….the problem is that Ashi is very long-winded and he would continued for long while and as I sleep very late (2am) …and getting to sleep has always been hard for me even with the Royal stouts…. And to get up at 6am….every minutes count.

I have on several occasions kicked him….(so sorry..Ashi)…caned him…scolded him…I regretted my actions.

The solution…. beginning tonight.

Ashitaka replace Trusty at the front ….Trusty will stand guard on the rabbit on the left to replace Lucky…and Lucky will be on guard duty outside my room….(windows half close)…Steady will be on Patrol.


Monday, July 21, 2008

It's a dog's day.

Two of my dogs were injured but for a different reasons.

Trusty was injured yesterday when she attacked giant scorpions while we were trekking in the jungle. She sustained a cut on the nose and several punctured stings on her nozzle and body.

Sam nursed her….gave her 2 panadol for the pain …. Cleaned the wounds and administered anti-biotic cream on it. Trusty was feeling awful and had to be hand fed with bread and milk. Trusty was feeling better this morning.

Ashitaka sustained grievous injuries this morning when he was attacked by the neighbor’s Bull dogs. So vicious was the attack that the bull dogs refuses to let go half an hour into the fight….The attackers’ master and us could only watch….the bull dogs eventually let go. Ashitaka was bloodied all over and his hind leg was decapacitated!!!!!

Took Ashitaka to the Vet…the prognosis was multiple fractures to the left hind leg and it is to be amputated….I cried….so so Sorry….Ashi..I was never too kind to you.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Love at first sight.

Love at first sight.

I was at the pet shop yesterday and I saw T.T. …….T.T. is a furry Chihuahua …. she is 7 weeks old and. T.T. is only slightly longer than a can of beer and the carton box where she is kept has a depth of approximately 3 inches. It was love at first sight.

I wanted to buy T.T. to accompany my daughters when they study late in to the night….I felt the selling price of $1300 without MKA certificate is a tad bit to high… I countered offer the proprietor with $500.......left my contact number and walk away.

It’s a long shot without hope……who doesn’t have $1300….and who can walk away from T.T.

So sorry children…EDUCATION comes first.

I felt so ALONE.

Monday, July 14, 2008

You're in my heart.

…I was driving home one night after a long day when I decided to test the recording function of my camera….the background song from the radio “You’re in my heart” by Rod Steward provided the perfect mood for this video clip.

I hope I’ve not violated any copyright acts as this was shot instinctively.

Please comment.

**It's a very DANGEROUS STUNT...never attempt it.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Petronas Twin Towers - Impromptu.

Petronas Twin Tower-Impromptu

This is my proudest shot ….perhaps the greatest …….If you look carefully, you can see the moon just beneath the sky bridge……and it was this shot that launched a photographic shooting frenzy of 36 shots all in ….searching for the elusive moon that had since eluded me after this shot.

The traffic police was fuming as my 4WD was obstructing the traffic causing a minor congestion ……it was one of the most stressful yet exciting undertakings I have ever participated in, so to speak.

My sincerest apology for the inconveniences I have caused… won’t happen again….and Thank you very much…Mr.Policeman for your tolerance.

Friday, July 4, 2008

on Poetry.....Anita.

I was overwhelmed by the timeless elegance of Anita’s ‘summer beauty’..

…….an ageless sunshine demeanor in time honored simplicity to sufficiently

inspired me to compose this poem modeled after Shakespeare’s … given a modern twist.

“Shall I compare you to the summer day

There is not a day in thoughts I didn’t stray

In that stray I seek you what your beauty say

To say that I adore you more every month of May.”

Poetry by Robert Lau ….3 -7-08

Photograph: Anita of ~Minarr

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I was chatting with a dear friend here in DA …and she had some problems…….I told her …….…the consolation is that however bad the situation…it is not permanent………… I was inspired to write this poetry as I always believe that there will always be tomorrow…..and tomorrow…………for today ..we struggle.

Tomorrow’s tomorrow

bold challenges to follow

seize the day brave fellow

we still got tomorrow.

Poetry by Robert Lau 27-06-08

“… right back after the commercial break.”