Saturday, April 28, 2007

I joke in Ijok. -Satire

Ijok is a big joke......somebody from the Star said is no joke. He is not joking.
I can never resist by-election. I was there 27/4 ..saturday.
The carnival like atmosphere masked the underlying intensities and passions..............
Ijok mushroomed into 2 or 3 times its population.....traffic situation were horrendous......
people were rowdy and rowdier........but everything was under control. Businesses were
It was the most electricfying politically charged by-election ever.........I witnessed history.

IF IT IS ONLY FOR A DAY..........................fourteen days I was told.
Multiculturism,...multiracialism....revived and lived upon the resurgence of political awareness
where power rested in the hand of ordinary people, ....." at odds...excercising theirs rights without any
racial intonation and religious foreplay............just mere.......mud-slinging,slandering...spitting....
..some calling......insulting each other ancestry......some squandering perhaps..
normal in the game of politic, " .....within the perimeter of our constitution.
It was a good day for democracy..................... a great moment for Malaysian.
..............................and... AT THE END OF THE DAY........... it was a day of political awakening
....a cohesive voice binded by common destiny....goals......subserving the essence of democracy
by acknowledging the rights to be Malaysian in the ballot without having to be xenophobically
fearful of losing one's perceived racial rights...........................WAS IT ALL FOR A DAY...

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

32 balloons that flew to heaven . The Poetry

to parents, kins and friends...........

We can' t feel the pain...................
but....we understand your grieves .
I can feel the loss............
..........and ...the world mourn with you .

For among ,
some of them may make a difference.....
.....that change the way the world is..
For now ,
all of you have touch the world.....
....the way we hold dear to...
..those moments precious and true.

sons and daughters of Virginia Tech.
strive hard to make the difference....
......that cut above.....

So that the parents of those children..
..can proudly say that.... once..
..they were children of Virginia Tech. ..
...of the 32 balloons that flew to heaven.

Robert Lau.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Er bai wu ( two hundred fifty )

" Er bai wu is the northern Chinese slang for an idiot, a dabbler or an imbecile " During the period of the Warring states ( 475-221 BCE ) there was a wealthy ambassador named Su Qin who travelledthroughout the kingdom delivering messages between Emperors. While visiting the Qi kingdom, Su Qin was killed by some thugs. Qi Emperor was enraged and was determined to find the killer. He had an idea : he beheaded Su Qin and hung his head at the Capital's main gate with a sign saying that the killer of Su Qin was a friend of Qi and would be rewarded with athousand gold pieces. Four greedy guys came forward to claim the reward. The Emperor was in a dilemma as to whom he would hold responsible, so he asked the men how he should divide the reward. So the Emperor decreed that the punishment be given to all four and informed his guard to: Take These four 250's out and beheaded them! This is an excerpt from Celeste Fong (Beijing Express) In it,she told that her friend should have offer to buy the picture frame for 249 or 251 yuan instead of the haggled price of 250 yuan. I beg to differ.
My contention is that neither 249 and 251 is a wise choice because 249 constitude almost an idiot while 251 - a confirmed Idiot. (Celeste Fong may never read this as she is in the STAR) I bought TRUSTY (My Dalmatian) six years ago for 250 dollars. A pertinent dilemma manifested . I bought an Idiot for 250 or the Idiot paid 250 for a dog. Celeste,help sought out the dilemma.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Rudolf the red nose reindeer. The Dog

Rudolf our/my dog was so named because of his red-nose when he was a pup. He was the cutest, cubbiest mostlovable pup ever. He wore a light tan fur with a black muzzle holding a pinkish nose. I have had a love hate relation with Rudolf.

Rudolf grew up to be the scrawniest and skinniest dog with an ATTITUDE. His head was of the size as when he was a young never grew.

This character was chained right outside my bedroom which is next to the porch. By virtue of its seniority, regrettably, hewas placed on guard duty.

Every other night, in the death of the night, he would be barking ferociously at the lizard sticking up on the ceiling. Lizards are deaf,I supposed, it was oblivious to all ranting made by Rudolf, this went on for months. I did not sleep well having to wake up nowand then to shout at Rudolf.

It never occur to me that all I have to do was to switch off the porch light . I did, finally, and slept the most beautiful sleep thathad eluded me for a long time.

For almost a week, I slept like a baby till one night ; Rudolf started barking ferociously again, suspecting burglers.............I went out armed with a long stick. Not a soul in sight and all I found was a frog. I shoved it away, went back to sleep like a baby...........froggy came back !!!... next night .......night after next ......... friday, saturday, sunday...................................night after night

I have had not a good night sleep for a long long time ......... if it is not for froggy .......... a grasshopper.........or an ant possiblywill come visiting !!

It was fifteen years since ....this nightmare ......I shall continue when I regain the composure.

P/s. Rudolf's nose turn black after a few weeks .

Er Bai Wu and '300' The movie.

I watched '300' the movie. It was about a bunch of 300 Spartan under the leadership of King Leonidas who fought to the death against Xerxes and his massive Persian army at the ancient Battle oh Thermopylae.

The story has been told and retold by many cultures of their own respective heroes. While inspiring, it was the fighting action that I was really impressed by. I was convinced that the Spartans are the greatest fighting army ever-their valor, sacrifice and the fearless action and gallantry. You may say that it is only a show but it was based on some historical data while exaggerated as in action movie-hold some truth. The Japanese Samurai comes second.

This morning, I read an article written by Celeste Fong (Beijing Express) and that sets my mind wondering-in it she enlightened me of a Northern Chinese slang, er bai wu (Two hundred and fifty) for an idiot, a dabbler or an imbecile.

Coming back to King Leonidas. He asked for 300 men, they all came and during the roll call, King leonidas gave an inspiring battle speech. Supposedly, after listening, fifty of them decided to go back to tend to their goats and wives, 250 braves and the King was left making a total of 251. King Leonidas then turn to his trusted Lieutenant and asked why is his grandson here. He reasoned that it was enough that this Lieutenant's son volunteered but he can't accept his grandson as it was tantamount to wiping off his entire clan. And so, his grandson was send home to tend his goat and wife. 250 men march off and never came back.

In that show, I did a rough head count, there can't be 300 men. 250 is more like it.

I am not mocking a brave King and his army and as a matter of fact, I really, unreservedly hold the highest respect for their gallantry.

I am really trying to draw a parallel and perharps understand what went through the mind of gallant men who sacrificed their life for a cause.

In my world, I would have to be Er bai wu.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fortune teller and girls.

When I was little, my mama brought me to a FT do have my future told. The FT took a look at my palm and congratulated my mama. He said, "Your son inherited the ' flower luck power '. Though young but old enough to understand - GIRLS......many many girls......surrounded by girls. Growing up, I was disillusionised by the fore saying - no such luck, girls were not in the least interested in me.Thirty years on, I am indeed surrounded by girls - my wife, daughters, mother, maid and dogs ( three female and a male ).After losing one female dog in the secondary forest, I brought in LUCKY.....male of course. I kept a male fighting fish , RAMBO , in my bedroom. I needed some male bonding and also to sought of balance up the ' Yin and Yang ' .

Having been surrounded by girls for so long, I am beginning to be like them.....think in a way like them .........being more consultative than confrontation ......... more meticulous , more vegetables..........visit a doctor when ill......did two annual medical in the span of ten years ( try to do once a year from this year ) .........check that the doors and windows are shut every night.........doing housework............even like teddy bear. Have I lost my masculinity ? NO, I don' t think so, just becoming a better person.

On a lighter note, if you believe in reincarnation as I than I might have you to believe that many men would want to be reborn a girl and that might also explain the phenomenon of more baby girls being born. Girls will want to be girls again save for a few liberated full time housewife with seven kids wanting to enjoy the superior advantage of being a woman will opted to be reborn a male cat without having to give birth to kittens every few months. Female cat is the reincarnation of a man wanting to be reborn a girl but failing to read the operational manual of reincarnation thus pressing the wrong button and turning the wrong dials. Generally men, I included, don' t read any operational and instruction manual of any thing because we are too smart and don't need it. I am not too sure about transsexual, perhaps somebody out might know.

Friday, April 20, 2007

worst neighbour.

My neighbour has been discharging water into my house legally, so to speak, because the
draining holes of the retaining walls recessed one foot inside from our common boundary.
I have made many complains to the local authourity and it seems that he has his way with
the them. I have even written to him several times and had spoken to him personnally on
many occasions. He just ignore my pleas. All this has been going on for the past two years.
This guy execises his rights to the fullest and by execessing those rights he has hurt me and
my family badly. My house sits on the edge of the slopes and this situation may weaken the soil
structures thus endangering us.
Any advice. I am a law-abiding citizen.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Heaven and hell.

Good guy and bad guy.

Heaven and hell.

It seems to me that if you belong to a certain religion, you will go to heaven. Many bad guys will be up there in heaven while many good guys who are not in this exclusive club will go down there.
Is it fair? No, the world is never fair. How can it be, when heaven is not fair for a start. When I was young, my parents would tell me to be good if you want to go to heaven. I was good and now still better but sure as hell, I will be in hell one day.
Any comment, please let me know.