Friday, November 28, 2008

breakfast at tiffany....almost

Breakfast at tiffany…almost.

I took Sam to the market…decided to pop in to the coffeeshop for breakfast.

I had ‘Char-kui-teow’….fried noodles… [.EXTRA Chilli..boss!...raw cockles..ALSO!!! ]

..2 half boil eggs and iced tea.

Health Rating: TOO RICH…maybe Hazardous to the BACKDOOR….(too spicy).

I was down with flu that evening and was centrifugally morbid for a week…popping anti-biotic and painkillers like jelly beans….going about not knowing what to do or what not to do…to summarize mildly…..I was ZOMBIFIED.

Go feast your eyes on my breakfast >>>>

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