Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Belly Dancing.

I went for a ‘walk walk’ stroll to Petaling Street, the Chinatown at the heart of the Capital
…accompanying my family members.

Petaling Street is no longer the Chinatown per se because foreigners are employed to manage the stalls …..while the Chinese entrepreneurs diversified into Manufacturing… …Café….Restaurants… even some brothels and other more Lucrative legitimate businesses…like they say.. “GOING UPMARKET”

Belly Dancing and Brazillian Wax are the ‘in things’ and the current rage of the Metropolitan…anybody who is somebody at all is into Belly Dancing …

……while the very well oiled of the Crème de lale who happen to be the wives or mistresses of somebody who happens to be somebody who matters… are into Brazillian Wax… …it cost a BOMB per session with two free maintenance service for the DELUXE menu….and cost an “arm and leg” for the SUPREME PREULTIMATE with free AIRSTRIP worth $2000 and comes with a YEAR WARRANTY plus 4 Maintenance services and free access to the EXECUTIVE LOUNGE with one complimentary drink.

This article/essay is about Belly Dancing so Brazillian Wax is for another day to tell.

I tagged along blindly behind and ended up in this Belly Dancing shop..selling all kinds of Belly Dancing’s paraphrenia and nick knacks.

I wished Sam is into Belly Dancing…she needs it.

Come Belly Dance >>>>>

Latest I heard…It was just LAUNCHED….BOYZILLIAN…:faint:

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