Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sorry Dude!

From the corner of my eyes....... I spotted a flash of moment about 50meter away....and as I turned to scrutinize, I saw a dog ‘galloping’ daintily...I went after it.

..[ It was in a new housing estate.....and most premises were unoccupied... ]

...I brisk walked in a purposeful manner so as not to startle the subject.... and as I was closing in on him......the ‘Dude’ stopped. .....I frisked out the camera slowly...and inched my way closer with no sudden untoward tic record the episode.

The ‘Dude’ is one of the sweetest dude of any kind I have seen....and I would love to care for the mutt if I hadn’t had so many dogs at home...( Dude is a stray ).

Dude is a victim of childish prank.

...and for all the “show and laugh”.....I was no less guilty when I realized 15minutes later that I should have removed the facemask for ‘dude’ ....because if left ‘unattended’ for a longer period....the elastics would have ‘eaten’ into the flesh and cause insufferable damage....[ I’m so sorry Dude ]..

*......I prayed that some good Samaritan would remove the offensive mask for Dude....... who have given us so much joy in his misadventure...and in that laughter we learnt of our indifferences and cruelty.

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Linda S. Socha said...

Hello Robert
I have been a very lack a dasical blogger...drifting through the summer not so patiently waiting for breezes and the crisp fall iar on the way.

I love visiting your blog but have not done well lately. I hope life is going well for you