Saturday, November 21, 2009

New found love..

We celebrated Sam’s (my wife) birthday pigging out at one of the swanky joint offering buffet in ‘all-you-can-eat’ Japanese and ‘fusion’ cuisine. The “kiasu” - thou shall not lose – mode kick in and I was in a combative mood trying to eat all I can to recoup the initial investment besides pure gluttony. I am ashamed of myself but it was FUN with a capital and fun I did have stuffing myself with all those ‘to-die-for’ cuisine. It was suicidal.

Kamikaze – come to think of it.

The story today is about my new found love...the love at first bite...the craving for an ala carte sourish spicy ‘green curry’ seafood cuisine ...the Tom Yam. I have developed the craving a few months back when Sam insisted that I take a sip of the spicy soup that she had loved for years, one sip there was no turning back. It was love at first sip to be more appropriate.

The perfectionist that I am...the fastidiousness of my character drove me to seek the best bowl of Tom Yam that I could find and each gastronomic journey lifted the taste buds to a higher level. I deciphered the ingredients of each bowl of Tom Yam and fed the information to Sam.

Today, Sam makes the best bowl of Tom enticing blend of saltiness to accentuate the sourish soup in fiery spiciness of deliciously sweet seafood herbal brew.

Oh Heaven!......Sam is cooking fried noodles with Tom Yam paste....NOW!!!!!! 8.08pm.

November 20, 2009 – Friday.


Linda S. Socha said...

Fun post Robert! It makes me want to explore new buffets!

Gayle said...

Hi Robert. I love this post. You have a great writing style.