Sunday, September 7, 2008

At the Market.


I started coming to this market about three months ago to get supplies for the dogs’ fried rice and my favorite smoked tofu.

Here’s my story.

For some strange reasons, the dogs suddenly decided that the food which comprised of anchovies and rice that they love so much over the years… decided to stop eating all together….it went on for few days.

Worried… Sam decided to fry some rice to entice them to eat…they love it!

From then on…….….Steady, Trusty, Ashitaka and Lucky can’t wait for their meals to be served and looking out for a second helping.

Sam had to get up every morning at six to prepare breakfast for the family and to fry rice for the dogs (twice a day). The rice is fried as if serve to human minus the monosodium.

The ingredients used for the fried rice consist...…. 3rd.grade dried prawn, meat dust and “free sorted unwanted vegetables”…....which can only be found in this market and sold cheaply.

…Ashitaka….posed a new problem…eversince he came back from the vet…he refuses to eat his favorite fried rice without gravy…and so…..all gravies like curries and the like were kept to be mixed into the fried rice especially for Ashitaka.

It was not until a few days ago that I found out the reasons for the sudden change in the dietary habits of the dogs……..and it was all WHISKY’S fault

…Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr……Whisky…WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll write about it next.

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