Saturday, September 20, 2008

Man aren't suppose to smile.

Man aren’t suppose to smile.

Desperate time calls for desperate measure…..EAT FIRST.

In the uneasy calm masking the prologue of the underlying face-off on the local scene…….people went about routinely earning a living while waiting for the outcome of the endgame.

Global financial meltdown and weakening commodities price coupled with higher cost brought about by imported inflation point dangerously to a stagflation depressing further the already shaken business community.

Therefore you don’t have to “GO ask Alice” why I took Sam out for seafood in a restaurant about 100 km. away …to EAT FIRST..WORRY LATER
…another sub sub of the Chinese Wisdom taught to me by my late father who always EAT FIRST…talk later….worry even later… ..a philosophy that served him all too well…far too well…..Eating himself to the early grave.

When Sam and I arrived at our destination this afternoon…I decided to park my 4WD about a kilometer away …(left the camera in the car) …and took a nice walk to the restaurant…and no prize for guessing….. EAT FIRST.

I posted a file picture of Sam and I taken at the same restaurant taken by my mother whose philosophy is MAN AREN”T SUPPOSE TO SMILE while being photograph… should be serious!!! Hence my rather serious demeanor….Sam was laughing her head off when my mama admonished
me for smiling.

The journal entry is the (daily) update to show that all is well.
..see you all later.

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