Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Whisky's List.

Whisky (my maid) is in charge of the shopping list.

Below are as followed:

Sup muslom - Mushroom soup

Sup ciken - Chicken soup

Sup tometo - Tomato puree for spaghetti

Sup tandas - Toilet soap

Sup Sar - My soap – Dettol

Sup keluarga - Wife and daughters soap – Dove

Sup saya - Her soap – Popinjay

Sup gigi Sar - My toothpaste

*Loril saya 1nipis 1 biasa 1 malam - Whisky’s Lo’real 1 thin 1 normal 1 nightster.

Lice anjing - Dog’s rice

Minyak - cooking oil

**Bir 2 katoon - Royal Stout 2 carton (2 X 24cans)

*……Modernity corrupts sophisticatedly…before she arrived here she was using some kind of leaves…and now she wants the best.

** I have stopped buying Stout by the cartons since I discovered that Whisky has been helping herself to it….she was an ALCOHOLIC. I resort to buying 2 cans every night.

Whisky loves Chocolates and sweets...Sam bought her a big jar>>>

p/s….what’s left of the chocolates I bought (8 X 250gms.) last week……friends came yesterday and we served them with it….but STILL……:hmm: WHISKY !!!!!!!!!!



Stargazer said...

You named her Whisky?

Robert Lau said...

..Yes ..her real name is Yaacob..

The Faerykin said...

Yaacob is a man's name!

Robert Lau said...

Yes!!!...strange but is indeed a man's name....I wasn't happy when I found out after she arrived...that's the other reason why I named her Whisky here in the net.

Yaacob is a Christian from the Flores
Island of Indonesia.

Yours Sincerely,

Robert Lau.