Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hair Spray.

I accompanied my wife and daughters to the saloon this afternoon…the Saloon is operated in a low-cost apartment converted into a ‘low cost unisex saloon’ by a lady dog lover.

Perming and styling for the three of them cost $105.00…for the same services rendered by a fancier saloon would have cost between $350 to a $1000…..for that saving…it was worthwhile to bear the discomfort and possibly having to share the same cutting utensils with her dogs (very adorable). Desperate time calls for desperate cost cutting measures.

While the proprietor was styling my family’s hair inside her saloon….her husband was styling and cutting the furs of her precious dog outside.

The wife is gifted hair stylist. Sam and my daughters (me included) were extremely happy. Her husband did a good job on the dog(s).

Come see styling on the dog…that bear testimony on my words.>>>


Montse said...

happy new year dear!!

Linda S. Socha said...

I can relate to the need for modification of expenses. If it makes a connection, I can share with you that getting my hair and that of my husband, cut and styled(only two of us) was 185.00...I think I left with a stunned look. We were there about an hour and 30 minutes...together...Great work...a bit shocking price
I think the adjustment may need to be in frequency as she is one of the more reasonable stylist with good skills! Ah well!
Have a wonderful New Year