Sunday, January 4, 2009

I am ME.

I come this far
..the journey
I shall go further
..the story

In the lifetime
..i saw
The changing time
..i see

The pain of youth
..i felt
The warmth of love
..i feel

In a person
..i have loved
As a person
..i can love

I was I
..before I learnt
I am me that I learn.


Linda S. Socha said...

This is painfully ,hauntingly lovely. Your poem speaks to me personally. I sometimes believe you to be a bit of a visionary...
I also relate to the I believe song . I sang that song at a recital when I was 11. I have loved the song forever.

Robert Lau said...

Dear Linda,

I first heard the song 'I believe'
when I was in primary school and my classmates sand the song in concert...I love it eventhough I was not chosen to participate because I.......I....can't..s..s....sssing.

The song did motivated me..and I had goose bumps when I classmates sang so angelically.


There are those who walk through life as if one long journey….then there are those who live life in chapters…and we are among those who live life in the beliefs that life is an adventure in the ‘Novel of Living’…so to speak….and that we (you and I) are worth our SALT.

Yes…..we are all Visionaries….for if not ….how are we to write…..the truth when time unfold ….the glimpses of the future soon to pass in mere registry … the crystallization of thoughts into words.

Take Care.

Best regards,

Robert Lau.

miaoti said...

i love the poem .......

Linda S. Socha said...

I am reading it again...and loving it again