Friday, February 13, 2009

Bakar the Cobbler.

Bakar the Cobbler

Bakar has been plying his trade at this busy sidewalk of this busy street somewhere in Kuala Lumpur….. he is an unlicensed trader…and he is constantly harassed by the municipal officers in their tour of duties.

….The Enforcement personnel would issue him summon which he dutifully pays and at time they would confiscate his tools of trade and he would have to pay a levy to have it back.

Tell it to Bakar and thousands of them like him….they would laugh it off …..the summonses and the levies are as RENTALS and computed as cost of doing business….they are earning a decent living supporting their families…..most of them (hawkers and roadside traders) are earning more than an Executive or a Manager of an organization and many became Millionaires through maverick FRANCHISING.

Earning a decent living is easy in Asia…..and THEY ARE THE HEROES OF ASIA.


Linda S. Socha said...

Incredible....I wonder what your feeling and thoughts are about this Robert

Hope your Valentine's Day was filled with small pleasures

bake in paris said...

Totally agree. In the society where people tend to worship good image, the other "not-so-high-profile" professions are seemingly invisible. In fact, quantitative wise they are the true mobilizers of the economy!