Thursday, February 26, 2009

King for a day.

Attended a Wedding Banquet held last Saturday to celebrate my nephew’s marriage in a Nirvana Ballroon of the International Hotel. It was GRAND and there was a sumptuous spread of exotic VEGETARIAN cuisine.

I enjoyed it thoroughly especially the Shark’s Fin that was made entirely of “I don’t know what”,… the Four Seasons….Vegetarian fried prawns…the Roast Duck , the “Monk Jump Over the Wall” …and the Beggar’s Chicken. (Strictly VEGAN).

It is our custom to treat the “Newly Wed” pompously just for the day and the Groom will be bestow with a King’s treatment in accordance to the so called Royal Protocol passed down from generations to honor the GROOM the “King for a day.”

My Wedding Banquet was a JOKE of the decade…..sniff!...sniff!

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