Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Good Son.

I took the beaten track off- road to a small village to visit an acquaintance whom I have not seen for a while. I love the warm friendly people there.

Here I met the “Boss” of the small was like a step backward into time....about 40 years back.....
.........and in this modern is like a life museum ...a reminder of the past
.......the conservatory of the bygone years etched onto the surrealistic templates of our conscience of what is now the extension of the new age morality accelerated beyond wisdom.

Today, the Story is about the Allegiance of a filial son.

In our country, where admission into Public University is based on “birth right of the right skin color” and not meritocracy....countless top grades students of other skin color were/are deprived off a chance of furthering their education giving ways to much lesser and inferiorly graded student of the right color. The country’s statespersons called it “Social re-Engineering”.....who are we to argue!!!

....and so countless parents like the “old uncle” slogged day and night to finance their children’s education.....hoping that their children will lead a better life than they themselves...thus breaking the chain of hardship...doing their ancestors proud with the unwritten ancestral pledges of each and every child of the Chinese origin by way of Confucianism ingrained into the very core fabric of the Chinese psyche.

Old Uncle is the “Good Son”.

Uncle’s son is now working in the editorial of a newspaper company.

* [He was educated in England]

.....uncle does not accept money from him because the cost of living in the city is very high and he wants him to save enough money to start a family of his own.

The elder daughter is married and uncle is staying with his wife and a young teenage daughter. He has no plan to retire as he still has to finance his youngest daughter’s education... She is 15year of age.

Happy Father’s Day.

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sunday mornings said...

I came to your blog via Chic Hunters. and I am enjoying your little video clips very much! It's funny b/c whenever I travel, I always find that the peddlers/vendors of small, off-the-beaten track villages to have very epic and fascinating life stories as well for some reason.