Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wedding Invitation.

Mr. Yap has been a loyal customer to the company for almost 25 years and over the period we have became friends.

So, when I received the invitation, I was very happy not only because I get to participate in the merriment of a marriage but more meaningfully I get to see a child who has grown up to be someone’s husband over a period of time that flashes by....... underscoring our coming of age.....and that in a year or so........ my friends will be the grandparents...and that’s one of life’s greatest gift.

......and with that I would like to extend my Heartiest Congratulation to both Mr. and Mrs. Yap (sr.) for being Successful Parents ...and to Mr. and Mrs. Yap ( jr.) may you both lead a successful life following the road laid by your parents...a road that was once just a path.

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