Sunday, October 10, 2010

Whisky is coming home.

Sam received a call from Whisky who was at the departure lounge (25th. Oct.) She heard about our plight and wanted to speak to me. I was at the restaurant. Sam did a call-divert and I spoke to Whisky. (approx. 2.10pm). She volunteered to come back to help us until the new replacement maid arrives and she drove some hard bargains – We taught her well, lol.

Listed below are her demands.

1) Bear all travelling expenses – ok
2) Cost of cancellation – ok
3) Cost of entry documentation – ok
4) Cost of permit renewal – ok
5) Passport renewal – ok
6) All future repatriation expenses – ok
7) Airline of her choice for future departure – ok
8) Time of departure of her choice - ok
9) Destination of her choice – ok
10) Full travelling expenses to doorstep (home) – ok
11) To be send to the airport directly by-passing the agency collection center – ok
12) Go out with her friends - NO – she agrees.
13) To have her own handphone – NOPE – she agrees.
14) Be allowed to buy jewelry with her own money – ok, but with supervision.
15) Bear excess luggage weight - no problem
16) All unwanted cloths/kitchen appliances from us and the neighbors to be given to her – no problem but I am not going to bear the cost of deliveries - she agrees.
17) Buy a handphone for her as farewell gift on the date of departure - no promises but will keep in mind – she says ok.

With all the issues ironed out, Whisky began a long arduous journey back to our home with all the bureaucratic red tapes attended to in reverse order.

To be continued.

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