Monday, April 23, 2007

Er bai wu ( two hundred fifty )

" Er bai wu is the northern Chinese slang for an idiot, a dabbler or an imbecile " During the period of the Warring states ( 475-221 BCE ) there was a wealthy ambassador named Su Qin who travelledthroughout the kingdom delivering messages between Emperors. While visiting the Qi kingdom, Su Qin was killed by some thugs. Qi Emperor was enraged and was determined to find the killer. He had an idea : he beheaded Su Qin and hung his head at the Capital's main gate with a sign saying that the killer of Su Qin was a friend of Qi and would be rewarded with athousand gold pieces. Four greedy guys came forward to claim the reward. The Emperor was in a dilemma as to whom he would hold responsible, so he asked the men how he should divide the reward. So the Emperor decreed that the punishment be given to all four and informed his guard to: Take These four 250's out and beheaded them! This is an excerpt from Celeste Fong (Beijing Express) In it,she told that her friend should have offer to buy the picture frame for 249 or 251 yuan instead of the haggled price of 250 yuan. I beg to differ.
My contention is that neither 249 and 251 is a wise choice because 249 constitude almost an idiot while 251 - a confirmed Idiot. (Celeste Fong may never read this as she is in the STAR) I bought TRUSTY (My Dalmatian) six years ago for 250 dollars. A pertinent dilemma manifested . I bought an Idiot for 250 or the Idiot paid 250 for a dog. Celeste,help sought out the dilemma.

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