Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fortune teller and girls.

When I was little, my mama brought me to a FT do have my future told. The FT took a look at my palm and congratulated my mama. He said, "Your son inherited the ' flower luck power '. Though young but old enough to understand - GIRLS......many many girls......surrounded by girls. Growing up, I was disillusionised by the fore saying - no such luck, girls were not in the least interested in me.Thirty years on, I am indeed surrounded by girls - my wife, daughters, mother, maid and dogs ( three female and a male ).After losing one female dog in the secondary forest, I brought in LUCKY.....male of course. I kept a male fighting fish , RAMBO , in my bedroom. I needed some male bonding and also to sought of balance up the ' Yin and Yang ' .

Having been surrounded by girls for so long, I am beginning to be like them.....think in a way like them .........being more consultative than confrontation ......... more meticulous , more vegetables..........visit a doctor when ill......did two annual medical in the span of ten years ( try to do once a year from this year ) .........check that the doors and windows are shut every night.........doing housework............even like teddy bear. Have I lost my masculinity ? NO, I don' t think so, just becoming a better person.

On a lighter note, if you believe in reincarnation as I than I might have you to believe that many men would want to be reborn a girl and that might also explain the phenomenon of more baby girls being born. Girls will want to be girls again save for a few liberated full time housewife with seven kids wanting to enjoy the superior advantage of being a woman will opted to be reborn a male cat without having to give birth to kittens every few months. Female cat is the reincarnation of a man wanting to be reborn a girl but failing to read the operational manual of reincarnation thus pressing the wrong button and turning the wrong dials. Generally men, I included, don' t read any operational and instruction manual of any thing because we are too smart and don't need it. I am not too sure about transsexual, perhaps somebody out might know.

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