Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mother of All Ugliness.

The World’s ugliest Living/Non-living thing….Ladies and Gentleman….May I present the Horse-shoe-crab. With this ….I REST MY CASE.

Trivial, fact and highlight.

TRIVIAL :- When I was little…...I would run…stomp….Stomp….and STOMP on its back until it sinks into the sand …..and get the hell out.

TRIVIAL :- It is sold for its eggs (cheap caviar)……lay it on its back and put it over fire until cook. The eggs are at the tip (supposedly the head.)..directly opposite the tail.
Just break open the shell...about a spoonful of culinary delight.
It cost $ 5 per horse-shoe-crab.

HIGHLIGHT :- The Horse-shoes are harvested for its ‘blue blood’ which contains a rare compound of medicinal value used to treat a genetically fatal disease.

FACTS :- I just realize, from the picture, that I was standing dangerously close to its razor sharp tail ...and if it very much as to wag its tail ....I’ll castrated become the 21st.century only eunuch....FACT !!!!!! ..That was how dangerously close.

GEES!....God must be crazy >>> ...hmm....but I’m sure he has a reason for such hideous creation.

* Not my fault GOD...some joker came out with a show titled “God must be crazy”..
[ My fav].....Ai ya ya!!!.....I am just borrowing it.


the Faerykin said...

I've never seen this a horse-shoe crab before. Seems like a very big species

Lin Lin akaLynn said...


nice blog!
geez... nice pics!

♥ GRACE ♥ said...

First time I saw this little creture...
How was ur trip to Chef Loong, got the durian pancakes?

Linda S. Socha said...

Impressive in its lack of beauty...just a reminder...step back:>)

bake in paris said...


Like the series "The World Ugliest .....". Maybe they will be more lining up, I recon??? Interesting observation as opposed to what is generally written "The World's Most Beautiful/Best ...."

Interesting how you probe into "what was in the mind of the creator?" Cause I did the same while looking at ugly buildings, clothes, shoes, etc. ha ha



trishiekoh said...

Oh looks like an alien!