Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jackson's Hotdog.

Jackson’s hotdog.

Jackson’s Hotdog has been around for more than 35 years...I remembered my late father taking me to the park (Taman Jaya) to patronize the Jacksons’.

It was a big thing those days....the only other place selling Hotdogs is the A&W which is about a km. away.....And the only other place where we can buy sausages and the buns are the Robinsons and the Cold Storage.

I can still clearly feel.....the “COOL factors”...the hip ...the tight blue jean....leather jacket that was later replaced by ...hippies....bell bottoms...the Beatles ‘bob’ hair style for girls.......the songs...James Taylor....Carol King...Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the water”.....CCR’s..Have you ever seen the rain was cool then....and the GIRLS.......real COOL MAN!!!!....but I was too young then.

Retrospectively, Jackson’s Hotdog is a homegrown Institution that could have been a very Successful Franchisor had the proprietor been ambitious....but it was not to be...and the Jackson’s Hotdog always taste better under a tree....far better than any hotdogs anywhere....much better than A&W...and other foreign franchise...perhaps it is because it was eaten in the open ...and....UNDER A TREE.

Hotdogs cost US 60cents.......Burgers: US 70cents...extra egg wrapping: US 20cents.

If you are the Jackson’s...the husband and wife team may not be there for too long.

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♥ GRACE ♥ said...

thanks for letting me know abt jacksons. now i have to go find whereabout is tmn jaya park ;-).
i love hotdogs, and yes it used to be just A&W, which by the way is not nice anymore...

Jenny Enochsson said...

Fine reflections indeed! It is interesting how food taste better in calm surroundings (under a tree, for instance), where we feel comfortable. Stress is certainly not good for the stomach (or anything else).

To quote the anti-stress enthusiast Lawrence (again):

“One's action ought to come out of an achieved stillness: not to be mere rushing on.” (D. H. Lawrence)

I think that your writing allows this stillness, to reflect and observe the world around you without rushing it. This is really great!



Ande said...

Sometimes, the best in the business turns out to be mediocre successful. Can this be because they care more about the craft than the process of making money of it? In the same way you can feel some artists deserves to be better known.

I have the same feeling for a restaurant in Uppsala :)