Saturday, May 16, 2009

Who SAYS !!!!

Who SAYS !!

I went to the local joint ..“Shogun”.....a Japanese’s ‘eat-all-u-can’ buffet . It is celebrating its tenth anniversary with the “Promotional discount” of 50% off per pax.
......a real good DEAL...we cannot resist. I have been there many times and there is a very good spread of fine cuisine of high quality....the service is impeccable and the staffs......hmm....SMILES.

Bad times..Who SAYS!!....the place was packed but when the picture was taken it was near the closing time at 3pm for the lunch crowd. I was still there with my family..EATING my money’s worth...waiting for the fresh OYSTERS!!!

Like they say, some come to enjoy the good food......others came to eat their money’s worth.........while some came for one-upmanship......I went to get KILLED.

See the killer spread >>>>>

p/s......a thousand apologies for the “rush” video clip.

....I was rushing to grab the PRICE stuffs (e.g. lobsters...prawns...soft shell crabs...lamb shanks....mama mia!!...OYSTERS.) before it went into other people’s stomach.


Jenny Enochsson said...

Hi Robert,

This post made me laugh. :) You have a talent for writing humourous texts.

A sociologist or an ethnologist should really study human behaviour at dinner buffets. In Sweden there have the "julbord" (christmas buffets) where people almost start to fight with each other while waiting in the queues.

It was a pity that yours and others comments disappeared when I changed blogs. I appreciated your thoughtful comments a lot. Welcome with your feedback on my new site, Cinnamon.

Best regards,


bake in paris said...

I like it.... your description of a buffet scenario is vivid and I am sure I will be caught up in the same situation if I ever step into a buffet joint.

Btw, is it true that in US people could actually pack home the food from buffet on top of whatever they eat at the restaurant.. ? :-)


♥ GRACE ♥ said...

huh? when was this? y i didn't know abt it!!?? i only went to shogun ones.. a long long long time ago when they first open in 1U. then they become expensive... so i never go anymore. 50% i sure would have gone... :(

Iván solla said...

Hello my name is ivan, tengo un blgo de los sims 2 y de los sims 3 espeor que te guste ponte como seguidor!!
un saludo de los sims!!

Ande said...

Hi Robert

I think your blog is interesting and fun.

I have been in this buffet situation too. Funny how everyone gets hungry when it's free. :)