Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Wedding Banquet.

The Wedding Banquet.

I attended the Wedding Banquet last night......I enjoyed it thoroughly....the food was sumptuously delicious...outmatching those serve at very prestigious five stars restaurants in the city. I cannot understand why....this is the second banquet that I have attended here in this coastal town....and it is among the best ... and all.

This update is not about is my friend’s son was just about the most romantic entrance by a newly wed I have had the pleasure to witness.

Both the bride and groom sang while making their entrance into the banquet hall......[and sing they can ].....because the groom is an accomplished singer...having sung for Kings...President... and dignitaries....and the wife is a musically trained.

Both of them.....are teachers, the noblest of profession.

The video clipping is not up to desirable standards but nevertheless you get to see the happening at the Wedding Banquet. ....and I was too busy indulging know!!

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