Sunday, July 15, 2007

The City Gump.

On the 3rd. May while I was on my way to fetch a friend someway in Bangsar…….
I came to a junction with a traffic light and stopped at red. As it turns green, the first car turn left and just as immediately, the car stalled….it was a white Alfa.

I was the third car behind and I manage to squeeze out without much problem. I saw a woman getting out of the car from the rear view mirror. After dropping my friend, I backtracked and I stopped next to the stalled Alfa at the traffic light.

What I saw that very morning must be the most intriguing…..dimmest ….the most unbelievably gumptious……all the four letters word you could think of good or bad and me...........I could cry literally. This Lady……..G.H.M…….this lady……..phlioooooze
*&^%$#@! Was filling the battery with battery water – holes after holes …one after another.

The traffic light turned green…I did not move, the car behind me did not honk and the car behind him did not hurried him…….on coming cars just stopped to watch. A few fellows came out from their cars ..arms folded, mouth opened…….shaking their heads back inside the car and waited bewilderedly…..silently. I got out from the car, stood next to her…..arms folded with one hand stroking my chin watching her filling the battery; the few other guys behind me stood beside me…..hands stroking their chins…..
watching silently…..time stood still……we look at each other, shook our heads got back inside the car and waited for the light to turn green and drove off.

Any worms worth its manure in this entire universe would know that if the car stalled suddenly it is not because of a flat battery ……and my dear lady if you happen to stumble upon my blog that is if you happen to plug your computer to the power source, forgive me , it is a story that must be told.

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