Monday, July 2, 2007

The Uglier Betty. ...Hernia

We are living in slow motion …..everything slows down ….having our lunch at 3 o’clock is a norm ….dinner at 9 ..Considered lucky……missing breakfast….we don’t even have such meal. My dogs lost weight having to wait for their meals that was before fixed at 6.30a.m. and 4p.m. now they will be lucky if they have theirs at all if not once a day at a time only known to the maid.

Ironing takes up half a day…..washing occupied the entire morning and God knows what she does for the rest of the day. Sweeping, mopping, general dusting will be at 11p.m. ….

Washing the toilets and bathrooms….we have not seen her doing but it was clean; general cleaning like cleaning the windows, wiping the fans which was fixed fortnightly….now three months hence I believed twice……cars were washed once a week…. depending on her moods.

We have in our hand a sleeping machine that happened to be a human switch with a mind of its own that does not respond to any instructions whatsoever and does her jobs in her own ways, at her own pace to her own liking as and when it pleases her. We gave up and left her on her own……after all she does her jobs decently well…….what is there to complain about.

Uglier Betty sleeps as and when she likes…..she can sleep standing…..sleeps when washing ……sleeps with a brush in her hand when scrubbing the floor….sleeps when feeding the dogs and she wakes up just as soon as she hears the slightest sounds of any body around. We insist that she sleeps by 10p.m…….she insists to sleep as and when she likes.

I am of the opinion that one really need to have ‘balls’ to use a person like that (pardon the expletive) and as a matter of facts one needs ‘the mother of all balls’……at the end of her tenure with us…2 years, I might have hernia if you know what I mean.

The benevolence of Buddha was called upon to help me through this turbulent period and…….touch wood…. I might not need that small incision.

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