Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rudolf 2 - The World Best Watchdog....hernia case 2

Though Rudolf made lots of unnecessary noise and a nuisance late at night…….Rudolf is the best watchdog anyone can have and no money can buy.

Rudolf welcomes everyone….friend or foe…..good or bad and all except my immediate family members like my mother, brothers and sisters. His welcoming gestures include jumping up and down……..turning round and round……tongue sticking out, flapping left and right spraying saliva……wagging its tail off……standing up on both hind legs supported by the chain on its neck….making all sorts of yelping, howling, growling and purging sounds except barking.

Hence, for this reasons Rudolf made the World Best Watchdog because I can be sure that he would never bite the neighborhood children when they dropped by to play nor will he be afraid of any ferocious character that he would dog tailed into hiding with a whimper but would instead welcome the character with silly sounds only he can made and this will alert the whole neighborhood. And believe me you, Rudolf is very long winded and he doesn’t stop……..for that I love Rudolf.

Rudolf almost never greets me and as a matter of fact he actually growl and glare at me when I got too close when he is eating…….snaring and barking until I went away…..and to think that I was the one who feeds him……..mind boggling…..really…really the stupidest ‘pig’………for that I hate Rudolf.

Rudolf is the personification of an old adage:

He who bites the hands that feed him is; the one who kiss the boots that kick him.

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