Saturday, July 28, 2007

General Election.

General Election is coming.

This morning my friend told me that one of the Chinese Daily predicted that the General Election will be held next year. I thought otherwise.

Recently, the roads in my area is being resurfaced and this was the impending sign of the coming General Election as it was in the past few ‘elections’ ago. Using the quality of work of the PWD as a gauge, it cannot be too long from now because the road cannot last that long.

Festivities is in the air, the feel good factors with all the spending, freebies and theatrical dramas………..Yeeeeeeeeba!!

Coming to the main theme, I beg to differ; I believe that the GE will be held between late October and early November. The reasons being that with the Holy Month of the Muslims just ending and the coming final term holiday where the schools are available for polling. Parents of students who are sitting for the PMR, SPM and STPM would not be going anywhere; the stock markets on the Bull Run at its tail end ( running out of steam) and the annual window dressing provides stability. December is out of question due to the holiday moods and festive season; nobody will give a hoot about it.

I predict that the GE will be held two weeks prior to the SPM.

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