Monday, July 21, 2008

It's a dog's day.

Two of my dogs were injured but for a different reasons.

Trusty was injured yesterday when she attacked giant scorpions while we were trekking in the jungle. She sustained a cut on the nose and several punctured stings on her nozzle and body.

Sam nursed her….gave her 2 panadol for the pain …. Cleaned the wounds and administered anti-biotic cream on it. Trusty was feeling awful and had to be hand fed with bread and milk. Trusty was feeling better this morning.

Ashitaka sustained grievous injuries this morning when he was attacked by the neighbor’s Bull dogs. So vicious was the attack that the bull dogs refuses to let go half an hour into the fight….The attackers’ master and us could only watch….the bull dogs eventually let go. Ashitaka was bloodied all over and his hind leg was decapacitated!!!!!

Took Ashitaka to the Vet…the prognosis was multiple fractures to the left hind leg and it is to be amputated….I cried….so so Sorry….Ashi..I was never too kind to you.

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