Friday, July 25, 2008

Durian drive.

Durian drive.

Just a few days ago…..I forgot when….I took time off ( 5hrs.) from my very busy schedule to take Sam for a drive to the countryside to buy durian….Sam was very upset about the Ashitaka’s incident…I thought this might cheer her up.

The durian collection centre is located somewhere far off civilization near a very small village called Pertang. It is here that we can get the freshest from the wide variety of durians namely: D101, D24, Loong Har (Lobster), Mou Sang (Jungle cat king), Lou Lin Wong (Durian King), Chui Mau (Drunken cat)….to name a few.

Sam is a Durian connoisseur and she is an expert in the selection of choice durian….as for me…all durian looks the same and I don’t even know how to open it…I just know how to eat :hungry:

Sam bought 2 D101 for $20.00 about a quarter of the price when purchase in the city. We went for a slow drive….had our lunch and headed home.

*Note: The only gift that Sam got from her father (who went for an oversea trip to Neverland and never coming back)……was a Durian opener….:rofl:

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