Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Alone Alas!


..the song came in for a while when I realized the traffic was unusually light in a major highway famed for it’s congestion…and in the very hot afternoon ..I saw the perfect setting to register the phenomenon with the song sung by the BeeGees…Alone.. over the radio.

“I was alone…not of loneliness but of the emptiness deep inside …the feeling of nothingness ……..nothing to give or take….to share nor have I

…..the desire to react…or respond to the inherent sovereignty of intellectualism to make sense the surreal enveloping moment before me and yet in the unfolding page….deep from within the core of conscience awakens a realization of love and belonging that was me….and that I have so much to give ..to live a life meaningfully and totally free of umbrage and immoral encumbrance in the name of kinship and friendship.”

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