Monday, July 28, 2008

Ashitaka boy.

I know it is unethical to do a video on Ashitaka at a time like this but the story needed to be told to a conclusion good or bad. I am very sorry Ashi Boy… me this story represent the registry of Ashitaka’s heroism, that would have otherwise fade without ever surfacing, which would have been an injustice for all the sacrifices made…all the mortal wounds sustained that underscore gallantry in it’s highest order.

ASHITAKA….you will never be forgotten…you are the smallest of the three.

Ashitaka was readmitted to the Vet……one of the wound opened up and it was horribly deep that the internal organ can be seen…such is the torment that the boy is going through…We have no idea whether Ashitaka will make it …the good doctor is doing all he can for Ashi and he was very touch by the incident.

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