Thursday, July 24, 2008



Got a call from the good doctor this morning …telling me that Ashi is very homesick and it is best that we take him home…..We went immediately.

How it all did started.

According to Whisky (my Maid), the bull dogs charged at Steady and Ashitaka went to confront them to protect Steady. Lucky came looking for me …Trusty went looking for Sam…while Steady stood there barking.

Not one of them helps Ashitaka.

The injuries.

Multiple fractures to the left hind leg….tore abdominal muscles…possible hair lines fractures on the ribs…the whole underbelly was bruised due to internal breeding of the muscular tissues……all the lower teeth broke and five deep holes all over.

Why was I never too kind to Ashitaka.

Ashi is the best watchdog and as such he was on guard duty right outside my room for the past seven years because I sleeps with the window wide open.

Over the years, I have confronted monitor lizards…snakes…civet cats…monkeys because of Ashi incessant barking….the problem is that Ashi is very long-winded and he would continued for long while and as I sleep very late (2am) …and getting to sleep has always been hard for me even with the Royal stouts…. And to get up at 6am….every minutes count.

I have on several occasions kicked him….(so sorry..Ashi)…caned him…scolded him…I regretted my actions.

The solution…. beginning tonight.

Ashitaka replace Trusty at the front ….Trusty will stand guard on the rabbit on the left to replace Lucky…and Lucky will be on guard duty outside my room….(windows half close)…Steady will be on Patrol.


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