Friday, June 15, 2007

The Greatest Profession: Teacher

The Greatest Profession: Teacher

If I were to have it my way, I would be a teacher but the gallantry of youth personified the assumption of righteousness that led me to believe that I am perpetuating a family tradition and hence became a businessperson.

I have not abandon my dream and one day in the near future when my children graduated from university, I shall start a tuition centre to teach children from the primary level to the lower secondary. I would love to teach history, mathematics and sciences.

My students will learn through history the beauty of the English language and history shall come alive…to touch their life ….to positively permeate every moral fibres and later when they finally leave and submerge themselves into the real world, they shall be able to draw on the wisdom learnt from history… be part of history .

Mathematics principles and formulas will be dismantled and reassemble piece by piece in the most basic structure to simplify the complexities that otherwise confuse the young mind thus making them ‘hate’ math. After I’ve been through with them, they will love math.

Sciences will be thought in a way that is informative and relevant to their daily life. The practical usage of science will be based on researches and experiments that challenges the ability to think logically and constructively to arrive at a conclusive believable analysis.

The most important lesson that will be taught will be that they are only as smart as the text book that they have mastered or memorized and that they must go beyond the realms and that desire must be ignited by the aspiration and passion for knowledge.

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