Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Soya Sauce

Soya Sauce.

In the ancient period…………. Soya Sauce was known as the ‘Black Gold’

I love eggs….any dishes to do with eggs…..especially half-boiled and the sunny –side up and the best way to savor it is to compliment it with good Soya sauce and hence started my love affair with S.S. that embarked me on the journey in search for the best S.S. that I can find.

I have tasted S.S. from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan… but to me the best….unquestionably is from Malaysia. Nothing to do with patriotism…..but maybe I was trained on its taste and acquired it over a long period.

Soya sauce is either good or not good from the wide varieties that is found in the supermarkets where the better known brands are found but the better one is more often the less known….brands like…all types of fruits, machines on four wheels…two wheels….on tracks, all types of flying machines past and present…with wings, without wings, ….buildings high and low…modern or ancient….places of worships, ….flowering plants and non-flowering, ….insects….animals….reptiles and ..phew! Parts of human anatomy…..I mean… I say man….what marketing strategy is that?…which marketing schools? No wonder they went no way….no wonder that nobody buys it saves the locals and those in the know. My favourite and to me The Best is one of the fruits brand…….a fruit that is not found on this part of the region…a fruit I thought never existed before.

I am of the perception that why all these lesser known produces such superior tasting S.S. is because being more often than not a family run cottage industry there falls below the radars of the relevant authority and as such a little secret extra ingredient was added that might not be approved to enhance the taste…..I, honestly don’t care…..cigarettes kills, I smoke…….the authority please stay out of it…..what can a few drops of poisonous ‘Black Gold’ do and if so……I am not to be cowed and prevented from enjoying my favourite eggs.

I never got to sticking to the best because I am constantly – one upmanship – seeking a better one…and a better one…and I will only try a new brand when I finish the old one; just yesterday, I took a short two hours trip…acting on hearsay about a premium S.S. with the excuse of doing business……found the town and the sundry shop, bought two bottles….. One is for my friend who passed me this information.

The ‘ part of the anatomy’ brand I am using now is about to finish….not bad….and I can’t wait to start on this another ‘part of the anatomy’ brand strongly recommended and it is known that a tycoon swears by it and would not have anything to do with eggs without this ‘part of the anatomy’ brand of Soya Sauce.

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