Monday, June 11, 2007

Rocky 21... formerly Rambo

Rambo’s diary – 11th. June 2007

Rambo sensed me…or is it the food. He swam to the surface waiting for the ‘meat ball’…landed spot on but he miscalculated….. Rambo gulp ..misses ..water only…. Sank to the bottom …exhausted.

Having rested for a while, I prompted him by knocking on the side….. he wakes up and went straight for the pellet… it at first try. One by one he gulped alternately between waking and sleeping. He was almost blinded with age and needs wakening up…

Apparently, Rambo seems to be in a very happy mood and not forgetting his good appetite….he seems rejuvenated. “Crawl” around here and there…..looks like Rocky is here to stay for quite a while yet.

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