Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh! Buddha.

Oh! Buddha.

I came home yesterday feeling very hungry as I have not had anything since breakfast. So I decided to have instant noodles. The story goes:

Robert: Whisky…masak mee (Whisky …cook noodles)

Whisky: Yes Sar ( Yes Sir)

I then went over to the computer …log in to DA… update the comments and replies…. (tik tik tok tok..I type as fast as I can with one finger because…)

[The computer has been acting strangely….instead of the usual desktop screensaver it has in placed ..WARNING!...Virus….

I didn’t pay much attention because the computer is still functioning albeit strangely….brushing it of as false alarm! I am not too sure now…..yesterday I had trouble posting “Happy Birthday Marta”. So if you don’t see me for the next few weeks….you know what happen and just in case, HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY.]

…the story continues.

……half an hour later

Whisky: Sar mee sudah (Sir the noodles is ready)

Robert: Terima Kasih (Thank you)

Walk to the table and there before me???????..

.. With measured controlled voice I shrieked/screamed/whispered:

Robert: …w h i s k y mari sini (Whisky, come here)

Whisky: yes Sar (Yes Sir)

Robert: Apa awak buat (What have you done)

Whisky: masak mee (Cook noodles)

Robert: apa ni (What’s this)

Whisky: mee (Noodles)

After some back and forth conversation/questioning….I found out that Whisky put in too much water (enough for 2packs)……and cook too long.

Robert: lain kali satu mangguk cukup (Next time one bowl will be enough).


Whisky: faham…suli Sar…suli Sar. (Understand…sorry Sir….sorry Sir)

Whisky was in tears…came over to hug me…I stopped her…told her it’s alright. I ate the few remaining unbroken soggy strands of noodles when I thought it might be a good idea to record it… that you all can laugh/choke over the incident with me and help lessen the burden of pain/frustration/bewilderment/forest gumps and whatever upon me.


Oh! Buddha….I seek your wisdom and benevolence…Oh! Buddha.

Yeep! I drank the whole bowl of boiled water…burp!

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