Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Steamboat and Good Deal.

Steamboat and Good Deal.

Last night, I took Sam out for dinner….we had Steamboat. I absolutely dislike it but it is Sam’s favorite….that’s all that matter. The Steamboat came with two soup base: Spicy Tom Yam on the right for Sam and the standard stock for me on the left. Several varieties of seafood were cook in it.

Needless to say….Sam enjoyed it thoroughly….and strangely I like it.

After dinner, we went for an hour drive to nowhere before heading home.

This morning, due to depressingly poor situation on the business front….I decided to take Sam out with me for company and lunch. We chanced upon a promotional drive of a cell phone network provider and we decided to check it out.

It cost $8.50 to subscribe the prepaid ($5 airtime and $3.50 sim card)….with free gifts….keychain, memorabilia and a cup of Popcorn (which would have cost $5 outside a cinema).

Since we were the early bird…we got to choose the best number and Sam chose the number ending with 119…phonetically in Chinese “Yat Yat Kau” …in English it means “longevity and forever”.

I, on the other hand got my 2 seconds of fame (courtesy of Sam)…..of me receiving Freebies on camera to be aired later on TV…..don’t BLINK!!

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