Sunday, August 17, 2008

Uncle Barber Joe.

Uncle Barber Joe.

After a life time having my hair cut by “Barber Joe” (posted on17th.Aug.2007) I made a switch to “Uncle Barber Joe”……mainly because “Barber Joe” keep increasing the price of haircut citing fuel hike and rising living cost. He charges $15 per haircut not including shaving that would cost another $5.

Since, I am feeling the brunt of the higher cost of living; I decided to switch to “Uncle Barber Joe”. I chanced upon the Shop about a year ago in a small town 80km away …..where I would stop by at my favorite restaurant for lunch before embarking on to my destination.

“Uncle Barber Joe” may be the oldest practicing barber in the world….he is 76 years old and he had been working in the same barber shop for over 60 years…cutting hair on the same chair. The younger man is his current boss.

This is that much I know about him but I shall try to uncover more information from uncle in due course.

Experience speaks volume…I am more than satisfied with the cut and the shaving though unnerving is the best shave I have ever had without the slightest “burn” or rash…he is as gentle as a kitten.

I have posted five video clipping of my hair rising adventure…one of the clipping shows how the shaving was done by his boss (face, ears and throat) ….the last one showing the ‘nail biting shaving session’ done on me by uncle…video tape by me.

For the record, this is the last time I allowed Uncle to shave me because…just to be on the safe side…it is like playing “Russian Roulette” when the blade is on the throat….you know what I mean.

The hair cut plus the shaving cost $5. (USD 1.50)

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