Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bell's Palsy.

My friend had Bell’s Palsy, it is not a pet bird nor is it his girlfriend, it is a medical condition that is caused by virus attack on the facial nerve which causes the mouth to slant one side and as a result slur speech and drool.

My friend woke up one morning with that condition and he thought that it was a stroke; he thought it was bye-bye, anyway he rushed to the nearest clinic where the Doctor referred him to a ENT. Specialist.

The Dr. prescribed him with some steroids and after almost a week of inconvenience, he recovered to tell his story. While this condition is not life threatening, it may cause permanent disfigurement of the face if not treated promptly.

I have seen a couple of individuals with this permanent scarring and in the days of the old and probably to the very religious even now – it is a curse or some retributions or penance.

I hope that this piece of information helps. Consult a Dr. immediately not a 'bomoh', sinseh, witchdoctor or a shenanigan if you have this symtom.

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