Friday, August 10, 2007

Liu Cha.

Liu Cha

Liu Cha is a vegetarian delicacy of the Chinese Hakka community. As the Hakkas were among the last to arrive to Malaya (Hainanese, the last), The Hakkas were concentrated in the rubber estates and remote outpost. Being the poorest, they concocted the Liu Cha that consisted of at least six types of edible vegetations - grown or found around their wooden shelter; mixed together with rice and groundnuts served with a peppermint shrub soup. It was the food of the poor.

Today, Liu Cha enjoys a revival among the health conscious and it is becoming trendy as many Liu Cha restaurants flourished in the upmarket shopping complexes.

In my opinion, a person can live to a hundred if Liu Cha is the only meal.

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