Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I am broke.

I will be broke for the next seven years.

Here is my story.

My children, an ‘Irish Twins’, are pursuing a career in Medicine…..the toughest and most expensive discipline to have your hands wet on…me……..I have my whole body soaked to the skin.

It will be seven years of cuts (cigarettes..sob) ; marginizing (don’t waste water) ; economizing ( cheap sales only); fix it (broken-nail it, tape it, tie it) and patch it…there is a big hole on my favorite arm-chair and it cost $ 1,000 to re holster it….I shall be going to the hardware shop to get $ 2.50 worth of celluloid tapes to patch it.

Another four years, if my ‘Irish Twins’ decide to specialize in their respective fields.

There after, it will be my turn to study….I shall pursue law and I will be a straight ‘A’ student just like them. I shall be a brilliant lawyer ……making sense of law and knocking sense into law…..churning the commonsense in law.

This is what that will keep me going for the next eleven years.

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