Friday, September 14, 2007

No: 100,000,001st.

No: 100,000,001

I lay claim to be the 100,000,001st. Busiest person on Earth over the period of twenty years.

Here is my Story.

My day routinely starts at 6am. when I send my children to school and college, the arduous journey negotiating the “mad morning rush” by a series of shortcuts through housing estates and by-roads inevitably leads to a traffic jam at the point of drops. I will reach home at around 7.45am.

After breakfast of a high-energy drink, I will go for my daily morning exercise that includes jungle trekking, brisk walking, jogging, resistance workout and yoga, in various combinations depending on the needs lasting one hour fifteen minutes.

On a alternate morning, I will go marketing with my wife and when my wife is at it, I shall catch up with the reading, paper works, making phone calls, receiving phones calls and going through the daily ‘must do, must meet, must solve, must scold, must attend’ lists.

Reaching the office at around 11am. doing all the things in the must-do lists and meeting with clients and suppliers and staffs; Giving instructions on the ‘do-it-now’ lists and going through the ‘in and out’ trays and the yesterday KIV.

Pop in and out on the net if I have the time.

Pick the children from school and college; send one for activity and one for co-curriculum. If no business luncheon, have a quick at home than off to meet problematic clients, chasing Bills Collectibles and establishing new business contacts.

Should be around 6pm. by now when we finally reach home. Replenishing with the high-energy concoctions, I will set out for the evening workout to de-stressed.

Depending on the day (night), the children might have tuitions or the piano classes and if not I shall be out by 8.30pm doing errands like shopping for sundries and personal hygiene products and so on. * Up to today, I still do not understand why the shopping lists never ends…night after nights, always something that need to be bought.

Meeting clients that I was not able to meet in the day that sometimes takes the whole night, reaching home usually after 11pm. Going through paperwork and documenting the daily schedules; blogging in the blogspot, updating the deviantART, going through e-mail and so on and so forth.

Reading and relaxing with three cans of ‘stout’ to call it a day at 1.30am.

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