Saturday, September 22, 2007

My History Teacher.

Mrs. Wong, my history teacher and the Form Mistress once said and I quote, “If you have nothing good to say, say nothing.”

Here is my story.

Her quote had a huge impact upon me and I have lived by that code ever sinced. I have never ever bad mouth anybody nor have I said or commented on anything unfavorably of anyone except only on my immediate family members.

If I have nothing good to say, I shall not say anything at all.

When I left school, Mrs. Wong handed me the testimonial and said, “I have nothing good to say about you and so I am leaving it blank for you to fill in yourself.” This was the most devastating statement of me and the most painful.

I filled in the blank myself with the best possible testimony as a teacher would of their best students…..stared at it impressed….crushed it up and threw it away along with the prospect of ever able to get a job. I have no regrets whatsoever…I can bluff the world but I cannot bluff myself.

Mrs. Wong, I may be your biggest disappointment but I believed that I have done you proud by living your code and stand by it as you have stood by.

Thank you very much Mrs. Wong from your favorite student and your biggest disappointment. Class of 1975 LSPJ.

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