Friday, September 28, 2007


Six of the best.

Excruciating pain, no adolescent should go through.

Here is my story.

My first experience was when I was about thirteen years old. Brother Lawrence, the Headmaster called me into his office…open the cupboard and asked me to choose the canes that were hanging inside…six canes of varying circumferences – from the thickest to the thinnest. I chose the thinnest…..hands on the table and bent forward…buttock out Whack…whack…whack…whack….whack…whack.

I didn’t cry… held on till I reached home…I went into my room and cried silently….uncontrollably..the excruciating pain. Dinner time, I felt feverish and fearing that my father might find out, I sat down as naturally as possible, …. and give another round of spanking for disgracing the family. The pain from sitting down was twice as excruciating as the caning….I slept on my belly….the pain lasted a week.

The second caning was when I was fifteen years old. Brother Felix Donohue, the new Headmaster called me into his office….this time I chose the thickest (friends told me that the thinnest is the most painful, as it bite into the flesh). Whack….Whack…Whack…..tears pour out from my eyes…I was not afraid at all… cried because it was so excruciatingly painful…three more to go..finished it fast.
The whacking stopped….Bros. Felix open the cupboard, hung up the cane…poured a glass of water for me and asked me to sit down. “I preferred to be cane, Bros. Felix,” I said. …That was the last time Bros.Felix cane anybody as far as I could remember.

Corporal punishment of any sort should never be allowed and those advocates of canning are the people who had never been cane….IT IS COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE.


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