Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hits Counter and Advertisment.

My children (Still Studying) registered the hits counter for me; I was really not interested as it is not important to me at all. To me, it is not how many hits but the contents reflecting my thoughts and conscience that matters.

They told me that I can earn some pocket money for cigarettes and beer from the advertisement……how brutally frank…….but that’s true.

There were several occasions lately that I almost register with a advertising company but manage to pull out at the last possible seconds in afterthoughts…..that with all those jargons, rules and regulations that I do not quite comprehend that I may unknowingly upset and get sue for infringement ….just for a few packets of cigarettes and beer…..is just not worth it, for I might be having bought the most expensive pack of cigarettes and beer ever in the history of mankind.

During times like this where money is hard to come by, and that I can’t stop smoking and drinking ……..luckily, there cheap substitutes for cigarettes…with brand you never thought of as possible like: Luffman, Three ace, Llama…….that cost two dollars for a pack of twenty, that will surely burn a hole in your lung and not your pocket; cheap substitutes beer from a country famous for its ‘beauty’ that you never heard of let alone existed much less their beer that looks like urine,… taste like water laced with cheap alcohol that will intoxicate just the same whilst scorching your liver.

For a computer illiterate with a big mouth as I, it is better safe than sorry.

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