Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rambo 9 - The Fish

Rambo’s diary – 30th. May2007

Who are we to play God……? Rambo took a pellet this morning. He still greets me, this time waving feebly with one fin…..lying on one side most of the time now.

Unlike those days when he was young and robust…each time when I opened the door, he would flare up its gill, flexing his body into a fighting stance as if waiting to attack the intruder who came in the room…..like a watch dog.

Scientist says that fighting fish are extremely sensitive to the surrounding-that’s true.
When I got nearer and realizing that it was me, Rambo would swim left and right in a twirl like a dog welcoming its master.

Rambo never fails to greet me….even now. He is slowly fading away.

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