Monday, May 28, 2007

Rambo 8 - The Fish

Rambo’s diary – 28th. May 2007

Rambo though active is fighting a losing battle against time. He is lying on its side….
Struggling for one more day…….one more year. I wish that he would give up the fight…. I can’t bear to see him like this……considering euthanasia.
I knew of this one person, this person is the person that I secretly admired and wished that I could have told that… many unspoken words that was meant for this person was left unsaid……….regrettably, I REALLY WISHED I HAD……..but pride and egos stood in the way.

This enterprising person through the industriousness raised a family of six by slogging in the tin mine twelve hours a day and doubles up as a cook; later became a petty trader selling fruits, cloths, roast ducks, home-made sausages at the market in the day and the road sides in the evening. This person honesty and integrity earn the trust of the clienteles so much so that she became the organizer of the local tontines club.

Years of thriftiness and hard work, this person amassed a fortune and in later year finance the children in various business ventures which turn out to be successful. Almost every child was provided with the initial down payment for the purchase of a house.

After a long period of toiling, this person naturally succumbed to many ailments related to stress and overworked and had to seek medical aids frequently.

The children were too busy to take care of this person and being hospitalized many times for surgeries and other ailments, not one of them attended to her voluntarily without much persuasion from well meaning relatives and friends

This person was required to take at least 15 tablets per doze after a meal……but meal was hard to come because the children were too busy with their respective businesses and activities …being too weak to cook, this person had to ingest those tablets empty stomach…..imagined the torments …the acidity.

Every time this person was hospitalized ……the children start to quarrel ….argued over who should fork out the money, it was argued that since one of them provided the transport which amount to time equals money and should be excused; the other provided accommodation which is also money and many other reasons for the remaining few.

Not wanting to see disharmony among siblings, all medical charges was bare by yours truly. To keep the story short and not to traumatize readers with lots of unhappy of incidents….

It was three World Cups ago, that very morning, when the son was watching live football telecast between England and..?.... Around 4.30 am …the person came out to have a small talk and then after which …went out to hang oneself on the telegraph pole outside the house. It was very wrong but given the circumstances that was the only way out – this self immortality the only sin …wrong but rightfully unavoidable to her perceivable assumptions.

Every thing was planned logistically to the precision of the minutest details; the school holidays and public holiday were accounted for the convenience of friends and relatives to spend in the wake, all expenses were accounted and paid for: examples- religious ceremony, burial site and so on. The extra was being divided among the children.

This is the saga of a truly remarkable person of immeasurable compassion…….

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