Thursday, May 24, 2007

Rambo 5 - The Fish

Rambo’s diary – 25th. May 2007

Fed Rambo this morning- gave him five pellets of ‘gold dust’……..not interested….no appetite, Rambo getting slightly energetic, swam around for a while...

When he was young, Rambo would have finished five pellets in a minute and would often begs for more, I refused as the boy was getting too fat. Rambo is very big for a fighting fish with a belly of a beer drinker and has double chin, his absentmindedness and clumsiness when he rushed forward to greet me and ‘THONK” on the plastic container lends a comedic disposition of him to cheer up otherwise a dull day.

This morning, I was at the market and I decided to drop by the pet shop……I don’t know why…….. I asked for the price of a female fighting fish.

The boss: One dollar.
Me : So expensive, cheaper lah!
Boss : Cannot, fish food so expensive… plastic go up, water go up,
Electric, everything go up…..loss lah!
Me : But you feed your other big fish with the females.
Boss : That is why! Five dollars a day, five fishes…very big eater
Cannot make money…if still cannot sell. Big loss,
must dig from pocket

With that, I rest my case; this guy I really admire him. I am considering donating all the fish pellets to him when Rambo is no longer here.

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