Monday, May 28, 2007

I am poorer.

Written on the 9th. May 2007

I worked twice as hard earning half as much and it is not enough….so….I redoubled my efforts just to earn just as much as I used to.. which is enough then but now almost enough.

I am not poor enough to receive aids nor rich enough to be financially comfortable…..that‘s is the bane of the poor urban rich middle class. Just as soon as you thought you have enough to survive……the price hike of every sorts and sundries goes up inversely proportional to the value of money……….now we have a situation where the dollar is getting cheaper on one hand and more expensive in the other, that is to say – it cost more to earn a dollar thus making money more expensive…..that is the irony of life……..there are ‘cheap sales’ everywhere but I don’t have the cheap money.

I once read that the world’s poorest person was a Japanese fellow who owes 15billion yen! We have a list of the 100 richest person but not the list of the 100 poorest person….just maybe being the poorest takes superhuman effort and lots and lots of *&%$ luck. Being poor, every dollar earn is a sum gain…….being middle class, every dollars earn is a dollar less………you figure out.

When I say that I am earning a living…..I was merely trying to be humble then….now I meant just that…..nothing more, nothing less.

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